Sunday, 30 December 2012


hmm , kawan??aku ni x reti sngt nak berkawan sebnarnye..pemalu konon..tapi bila dah ade kawan , aku akan sentiasa sayang dia.n dalam2 bnyk2 kawan aq , mesti ade sorang yg akan aq sayang ketat2 sngt...tapi dah jadi adat agknyer sapa2 berkawan ngan aq.mesti x kan friend aq mesti da move on atau pun dia start berubah..dan kemungkinan faktor diri sendiri(aq) pun ade kaitan..tapi nak buat camne kan..x kan nak paksa dia kawan balik cam mmg bab kawAn aq cepat terasa.lau diaorg x layan aq sikit, aq majuk.hehe.tapi lau kawan2 aq ade terbaca ni , aq minta bkn x nak pujuk korang kdang2.tapi aq nak kasi korang cool dulu.bak kata org , carik2 bulu ayam lama2 bercantum juga...jadi maafla.lau aq kutuk korang , maksudnyer korang dulu best friend aq pastu korang x kawan aq cam dulu.sebab?aq x kan kutuk best friend x tipu.lau majuk tu yela.tapi kutuk x penah.lau org kutuk korang pun aq senyap je.sebab aq sayang korang.harap2 diaorg ade baca la ni. nurfarain syuhada normarzatul sahera khairul najwa athirah nazliza najiha alya izzati nur hidayah ameera izzati dayangku nurazmina nur raihana n others i didnt say..sori , malas type.. jangan lupa aq .. :(

Sunday, 9 December 2012


i've always imagine that my life is something that is already written like in a book , for example people tell me to write these things , what i want to be?which universities?and all those craps in a piece of paper and often tell me 'THAT IS WHAT U WANT TO BE , STRIVE FOR IT'. I SAY GO TO HELL , they're wrong , ive seen millons of them saying they want to be a doctor yet not all malaysians are doctor! THEY R WRONG!i will say I LOVE ENGLISH! i want to strive anything that has a scratch with my burning passion for english!as it is once said in the film 3 idiots , "strive for excellence and success will follow" .i've reliaze now , that its time to get serius...i must have a hunger for knowledge.not because to pass a test but as a ticket to achieve my goal , my true passion for english..if the cost of it is 9A's SPM than boo u test!u r going down!!and ive reliaze that im being childish.i mean , no one is going to pay attention to a childish person.i gotta lady up.ive come to my sense that im 17.not quite a big number but a lot must be sacrifise so that i dont suffer in the 20's or 30' it all comes up to is what u create it to be.if im doctor , im rich , its what i did in the past that led up to my success in the present.but so life fell like a total fart.not seen but people know im there.and for the past 4 years in MRSM , ive wasted my entire life thinking that IM IN THIS SCHOOL BECAUSE THERES HOPE FOR ME TO SURVIVE HERE AND BE A DOCTOR.when im wrong.MRSM should be the place i learn to know all new people , explore in different type of atmosphere.ITS EITHER MAKE THE BEST OF IT OR JUST STAND LOW AND HOPE ULL MADE IT THROUGH.there are no middle , medium or normal in this world.if there is , its just a stupid excuse to live.u better die now.its be best or be worst.cause both can surely will be notice and second its surely will make your life more memorable.for example , if u r THE BEST , you can tell people how the journey is to achieve the same success and if you r THE WORST , people will surely come to you , and at one point , ull reliase that u need to rise up.u need to avenge what u lost.u have people who support it all narrows it down to your effort.but the normal????yeah.u can answer that , what im saying(THE BIG SUMMARY).is life is what u want it to be.and if its not what u wanted , make the best of it.but there's no harm in listening to those you trust for advise...we all have ISSUES.we all have speak to them.OR MAYBE GOD.HE'S ALWAYS THERE , WATCHING speak.leave the fear to try something you like...why live in a life perfect but your not in it to enjoy it.if you want to be an artist , low salary , small cars (except for a profesional) so be long as you r happy.and now..answer this..what do u want?what do u love doing?then go.make a journey of your own and explore what the vast world can offer.never give up in something u like.NEVER.and love?u'll find it in your journey..u have no need to burst some bubbles for such feelings for a person when your love for GOD is 'x sempurna'..hahaha.sorry guys .still working on my in my bout you? (:

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

my best friend (5 years and counting)

hi hello assalammualaikum ola!!if there's anybody out there , im just really sad about a friend of mine , she used to be my ally , my comrade , my best friend , then something change.i wont say its maybe me too.but she always scold me.its really hurtful.i know sometimes she doesnt mean it , but .....(maybe im just a big crybaby?) ...oh Allah , i want You to show her what she did to me , listen to this song baby 'i'll do it all for you...i would iwould iwoooulddd'....and its gonna say her name , i hope we'll be like in the old days. *THIS POST IS HERE BECAUSE I READ HER BLOG AND SOMETHING SHE WROTE THAT MAYBE BE ABOUT ME OR NOT HURT MY FEELINGS AND I JUST WANT HER TO KNOW...that i still love her as a best friend and i hope she does to..NORMARZATUL SAHERA BINTI NORDIN :) BFF <3

Saturday, 27 October 2012


salam , salam sejahterah , selamat menyambut aidiladha , ok, dah lewat so x cadang nak type bnyk2(pemalas punya pasal)haha ,saya nak cakap , lau kamu semua x nak ckp ngan saya x dek masalh , sye pun jenis malas nak buka mulut ,n for your information , saya lebih suka bercakap ngan buku , walaupun x dek respon dri buku tu , tpi at least bku boleh buat saya hepi lebih dripada bercakap ngan org..(org x ramai kawan memang gini , harap maklum , lau x pun , saya jela kot cmni , hehehe)napa saya cakap errr type cmtu ,??answer is simple...SAYA BELI BUKU CERITA BARU!!!!!ARGH!!!!!YEAH !YEAH!nak beli yg len tpi dapat yg len , xpela ...ok , dlu , lau u all nak tau saya kumpul buku fallen(dah habis dah pun n its was fantastic to read!)so tdi ingat nak beli the fault in our star( u canlook that up) tpi x dek so beli anna dressed in blood (tntng hantu n cinta , uik , berani kau farah , slama ni kat hostel nak gi toilet pun minta org teman , hahahaha) watever , i don care , thats all , penat type , bye , salam~

Sunday, 16 September 2012

its complicated

hmm , i feel like im more comfortable with my friends than my family , is there something wrong with me??its just that whenever im home , i will always find myself bored ..on the other hand whenever im with my friends , its the total mother...she always says to bring me to pavillion , KLCC , n it really gets me up , im all fired up and ready to go , the end , its the same excuses , she is tired , she has to iron the clothes , i understand that she is busy , i can see that , just...dont give me false hope , i know its just a small matter , but , considering , me , a spoil brat , hahaha , youngest in the family , im really sensetive n can be quite the pain in the neck , :D not lieing , , u see , my behavior is differnt , at home n hostel , at home im easily angry with anyone even with the slightest of mistakes , but at the hostel i just flick it away like a fly...but mostly , i m always sad with my mom...she keeps telling me places she wants to take me...filling my head with nonsense..why???cause she never keeps her the end ill still end up alone in my room .i mean sure i can walk up staright to her room n accompony her but thats not the point(again , let me remind u , i m a sensitive girl)....if i know i will end up alone for the holidays i prefer staying at my hostel or maybe going to my friends house(MOTHER WILL NEVER APPROVE OF THAT) such a lonely girl , but look at the brights sight...there tv , hahaha , hmmm...

Saturday, 4 August 2012


hmmm , x tau napa , tpi rasa geram sangat kat ibu , x tau KENAPA , kakcik tau salah layan ibu cmtu , maafkan kakcik ibu , tapi x tau knapa ......hmmm ...demam kot....erghhhh , still geram , maafkan anak ibu ni :(

Friday, 3 August 2012

its me

hey hey , assalammualaikum and good day , dah lama x update , sebab x dek masa(cewah , aq yg pemalas , salahkan masa pulak , masya Allah) hmm , proses nak ubah diri dah ok sikit , aq dah mula join bnyk aktiviti maktab , cewah , bnyk konon (petuihh) , at least ade la kan perubahan( sikitla), how am i going to be when im 17 ???x taula , x leh dibayangkan , x rase diri ni cam dah tua , sebab yelah , lau dibandingkan dngn fom 5 masa aq fom 3 , nmpak perbezaannyer , fom 5 masa fom 4 pun nampakla, tapi fom 5 aq cmner ahh???x leh nak BAYANG LANGSUNG!i am scared , takot x bole sesuaikan diri ngan diaorg , tapi sebab ade nyer ALYA IZZATI(mak jemah a.k.a my bessttt friend , kott) i manage to surive , hmmm , when i listen to the song in my blog (WRITER BY ELLIE GOULDING) i feel , aq rase ade harapan agy , walaupun lirik tu x dek kaitan ngan apa2 dlm hidup aq(cewah , yeker ni farah??) hahaha , ok , doakan followers blog ni bertambah la , amin , k salam~