Sunday, 9 December 2012


i've always imagine that my life is something that is already written like in a book , for example people tell me to write these things , what i want to be?which universities?and all those craps in a piece of paper and often tell me 'THAT IS WHAT U WANT TO BE , STRIVE FOR IT'. I SAY GO TO HELL , they're wrong , ive seen millons of them saying they want to be a doctor yet not all malaysians are doctor! THEY R WRONG!i will say I LOVE ENGLISH! i want to strive anything that has a scratch with my burning passion for english!as it is once said in the film 3 idiots , "strive for excellence and success will follow" .i've reliaze now , that its time to get serius...i must have a hunger for knowledge.not because to pass a test but as a ticket to achieve my goal , my true passion for english..if the cost of it is 9A's SPM than boo u test!u r going down!!and ive reliaze that im being childish.i mean , no one is going to pay attention to a childish person.i gotta lady up.ive come to my sense that im 17.not quite a big number but a lot must be sacrifise so that i dont suffer in the 20's or 30' it all comes up to is what u create it to be.if im doctor , im rich , its what i did in the past that led up to my success in the present.but so life fell like a total fart.not seen but people know im there.and for the past 4 years in MRSM , ive wasted my entire life thinking that IM IN THIS SCHOOL BECAUSE THERES HOPE FOR ME TO SURVIVE HERE AND BE A DOCTOR.when im wrong.MRSM should be the place i learn to know all new people , explore in different type of atmosphere.ITS EITHER MAKE THE BEST OF IT OR JUST STAND LOW AND HOPE ULL MADE IT THROUGH.there are no middle , medium or normal in this world.if there is , its just a stupid excuse to live.u better die now.its be best or be worst.cause both can surely will be notice and second its surely will make your life more memorable.for example , if u r THE BEST , you can tell people how the journey is to achieve the same success and if you r THE WORST , people will surely come to you , and at one point , ull reliase that u need to rise up.u need to avenge what u lost.u have people who support it all narrows it down to your effort.but the normal????yeah.u can answer that , what im saying(THE BIG SUMMARY).is life is what u want it to be.and if its not what u wanted , make the best of it.but there's no harm in listening to those you trust for advise...we all have ISSUES.we all have speak to them.OR MAYBE GOD.HE'S ALWAYS THERE , WATCHING speak.leave the fear to try something you like...why live in a life perfect but your not in it to enjoy it.if you want to be an artist , low salary , small cars (except for a profesional) so be long as you r happy.and now..answer this..what do u want?what do u love doing?then go.make a journey of your own and explore what the vast world can offer.never give up in something u like.NEVER.and love?u'll find it in your journey..u have no need to burst some bubbles for such feelings for a person when your love for GOD is 'x sempurna'..hahaha.sorry guys .still working on my in my bout you? (:

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