Tuesday, 20 November 2012

my best friend (5 years and counting)

hi hello assalammualaikum ola!!if there's anybody out there , im just really sad about a friend of mine , she used to be my ally , my comrade , my best friend , then something change.i wont say its her..it maybe me too.but she always scold me.its really hurtful.i know sometimes she doesnt mean it , but .....(maybe im just a big crybaby?) ...oh Allah , i want You to show her what she did to me , listen to this song baby 'i'll do it all for you...i would iwould iwoooulddd'....and its true...ok...im gonna say her name , i hope we'll be like in the old days. *THIS POST IS HERE BECAUSE I READ HER BLOG AND SOMETHING SHE WROTE THAT MAYBE BE ABOUT ME OR NOT HURT MY FEELINGS AND I JUST WANT HER TO KNOW...that i still love her as a best friend and i hope she does to..NORMARZATUL SAHERA BINTI NORDIN :) BFF <3

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